Vet Discounts

My name Dan Waltz and I am a veteran. This review is of my experience with Veterans 10% discounts at Home Depot and Lowes. These reviews are my personal opinion and experience and are not necessarily the view of Veterans Resource Network.

Home Depot:
I went in to purchase several items to finish a stair rail I was putting on our front porch. I purchased several items, a composite white cover for a 4×4 wooden post and cap & base trip for the same. I also picked up stainless steel bolts & nuts. I took the items to the cashier. She began ringing up the items and I immediately told her I was registered for the 10% Veterans Discount and presented my VHIC ID card per their requirements. The cashier said that I had to present the card before they started ringing up the items. I told her that was unfair because she started ringing up the items before I had the chance to present my card. She then said there would be no discount because my purchase was “building materials”. I then inquired how a buyer can determine what items would qualify for the Vet discount, She stated that no one could tell if an item qualified until it was rung up on their register. I asked to speak to a manager and the manager stated that no one knows if an item qualifies until it is entered in the register. I told them that I thought their discount program for vets is poorly conceived and restricted to be of any use to veterans. I left the merchandise on the counter and left the store. I went home and called the 800 customer service line for Home Depot. After 15 minutes of being on hold and pressing multiple numbers, I finally spoke to a representative that told me the same thing the store told me. She referred me to their page listing the restrictions for the Veterans 10% Discount. The restrictions seemed to me as though Home Depot’s Veterans Discount is a farce and not worth the time or trouble.

Lowes: At Lowes I picked up several different items to finish my project. Upon checkout, I mentioned that I had registered for their Veterans 10% program. The cashier asked my phone number and said “no problem”. Every item I purchased received the discount. I asked if I would receive the discount if I purchased power tools or a riding lawn mower. The response was that the discount applies to anything except items on sale. I then went to customer service and two gentlemen confirmed what the cashier had told me. When I got home, I went to Lowes website and read their information regarding the Veterans discount. Nowhere did I see any restrictions except that of sale items.

BOTTOM LINE – I feel that Lowes Veterans and Military 10% discount is the real thing. Lowes has earned my business and would recommend Lowes as a good place for fellow Vets to use for their home project list of suppliers.

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