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How to gain access to Offutt AFB BX (Base Exchange & Commissary)

My name is Dan Waltz. I am a veteran, and I maintain and update both this website and facebook page for Veterans Resource Network here in Nebraska. I recently went through the process to get the privilege to shop at the Offutt AFB BX and Commissary. I hope this post will help simplify and encourage vets to do the same.

The first step is to be sure you have your VHIC id card, Driver’s license, and vehicle registration and proof of vehicle insurance gathered together so you can present them during your visit to register for exchange and commissary privileges.

Next you will have to go to Offutt AFB in Bellevue, NE. Enter the base at the Main Gate (aka: Kenny Gate. It is the gate along HWY 75 with all the flags displayed. You will be stopped at the sentry post to state your purpose. Present your VHIC card and you will be instructed to proceed to the Visitors Center which is just across the street on the south side of the road.

When you arrive at the Visitor Center and park, take your VHIC card, driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of vehicle insurance. At the time I arrived, there were around a dozen people waiting outside the Center entry door. Due to the Covid-19 situation, personnel would come out and take your information. People were escorted into the Center according to the order they arrived. My wait was around 40 minutes. When they called me in, I was asked to present my information and fill out a quick form. My photograph was taken and a stamp was affixed to my VHIC card. I was told to return to the sentry post and show my card with the stamp.

When I returned to the sentry post I presented my card and told them I was going to the BX & Commissary. The sentry was extremely polite and directed me to my destination.

Overall the experience was pretty quick and hassle free. I was very impressed and pleased to notice that everyoneI encountered, without exception was wearing a protective mask. The BX and Commissary were very welcoming, clean and well organized and stocked. There were even a couple of fast food services located inside the BX in case you wanted to grab a bite to eat. After touring the BX, I left the base through the same main gate without having to stop at the sentry post.

Base Exchange
106 Meyer Ave Bldg 166
Offutt AFB 68113
402) 291-9100





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