My Covid 19 Vaccine Experience

My Name is Dan Waltz.  I am a veteran.  On Friday, January 15, my wife heard from a friend that her husband, a veteran himself, had gotten his Covid 19 vaccine shots at the Omaha VA Hospital.

I phoned the hospital  that afternoon (Friday Jan. 15) and after 35 minutes on hold (which I consider a decent response time after other past experiences), I was able to schedule my first vaccination the next morning at 10:45am.

I arrived at the VA hospital on Woolworth Street in Omaha at 9:30am.  I always arrive plenty early in case I have any hitches in the trip there or have trouble finding exactly where to go when I get there.

I pulled on to the street entering the hospital grounds and sign directed me to a small guard shack where a pleasant attendant asked where I needed to go.  She instructed me to park in the main parking lot just north of the new addition to the Hospital. Then she said to follow the little blue balloons leading to the entrance where the vaccinations would be completed.

When I entered the doorway, a person at a small desk just inside the doorway asked me the 5 or 6 typical screening questions (any fever, symptoms, exposure to someone with the virus, etc).  They then directed me to a gentleman wearing an orange vest just down the hall.  He directed me to the elevator that would take me to the vaccination area.  When I got to the elevator a nurse pushed the up button for me to go to the next floor.  When I stepped off of the elevator, another person was there to direct me to a desk right ahead where one of the persons at the desk check my I.D. and gave me a slip of paper from a dispenser that had the number 18 on it.  That indicated that I would be the 18th person to receive the vaccine.  The wait for my number to be called was less that 15 minutes.  I was directed to a numbers cubicle where I was greeted by a very nice staff member.  I received the shot in less than 2 minutes, with less pain than any ordinary shot I have ever had in my 71 years. The gentleman gave me a card for my wallet with confirmation of my inoculation and also the date for my required second dose, scheduled for February 6.  He also put a self adhesive label on my shirt that showed when I could leave the hospital (a 15 minute wait as is usual after many medical procedures). I was directed through a door where I was seated with others waiting for their OK to leave also.  Attendants walked thru the area every few minutes checking the times on peoples labels and informed then when they were OK’d to leave.

When it was my time to go, a staff member directed me to the elevators, where a person again pushed the elevator button so I could go back to the 1st floor and exit the building to go my way.

I cannot say enough to express how smooth and coordinated the entire process was.  I was in awe of the number of friendly, knowledge people that made it so easy and fast to receive my Covid 19 vaccination.  My would encourage every eligible veteran to take this opportunity to protect themselves, family and friends.

It left me very thankful, with confidence and pride in the Omaha Veterans Hospital’








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